Supporting the Agricultural Community

Farming is a central part of our district’s past and present. To ensure that is also part of our future, our farmers need labor-market stability, diverse markets, and fair taxes.

Our district is diverse and our community isn’t just composed of the cities of the 10th District, but also some of the most fertile farmland in the United States. We have a strong agricultural community of which we should all be proud.

Unfortunately, the proud history of the American family farm, a tradition with deep roots in our community is under constant pressure. Without our support, farming in Central Pennsylvania will become a memory, rather than a cornerstone of our community and tradition. I will stand up and fight for our agricultural community and do all I can to preserve and strengthen a way of life that reflects our nation’s values and puts food on our tables every day.

Many family farms rely on seasonal workers to have a stable and reliable workforce. Calls for mass deportation and the failure of our leaders in Washington to enact meaningful immigration reform threaten the agricultural community, and we must take action to implement meaningful immigration reform that gives family farms the stability they need.

Investing in clean and renewable energy, like wind and solar, is a potential windfall to the agricultural community, which can install wind and solar arrays as a way to increase revenue, decrease overhead and realize greater stability while helping to protect the land, air, and water on which their business depends.

Agriculture is an uncertain business that is subject to huge market swings. As a result, meaningful tax reform that ensures that those at the top pay their fair share, while small businesses, like family farms, and middle-class families do not continue to shoulder a disproportionate amount of the tax burden, is extremely important for the agricultural community. I will support this type of tax reform so that farming families do not have to sacrifice their financial security so that Wall Street billionaires can continue to live off of the hard work of middle-class families.