Supporting Our Veterans

Our military does an outstanding job of keeping Americans safe. It is also an incredible social engine. I believe military service makes better citizens and more prosperous communities. Military service is a proud tradition in my family. We must continue to repay their service.

Our veterans give up something irreplaceable: years away from home, possibly their health, and potentially their lives. They also bring back powerful examples of selfless sacrifice, duty, and honor. Our soldiers have given years of their lives in the field so others can freely and safely attend school, acquire social contacts, and build careers.

Education, financial assistance, and lifelong medical care aren’t charity, they are the minimum that we need to do to support those who have earned it through their selfless service to our great nation.

Making sure that our veterans receive the ongoing support they have earned means addressing the issues in the VA system to guarantee quality, timely healthcare to our veterans. The VA makes decisions based on money and not on patient care. I believe that those who serve to keep America safe deserve the very best healthcare available. If we send men and women out to protect us, we cannot cut corners when they come back.