Jobs and the Economy

Too many Americans are falling farther behind in today’s economy. Education, investment, innovation, and infrastructure are the keys to an economy that benefits everyone.

“Work hard and follow the rules – your success is limited only by your abilities and aspirations.” This idea is the foundation of the American Dream. Unfortunately, this is no longer true for too many young and middle-class American families like many here in the 4th District who are being left behind and shut out of the modern American economy.

Too many American families are struggling to make ends meet, let alone get ahead and realize their dreams. Too many work part-time when they want to work full-time. Too many live from paycheck to paycheck. We must take action to make sure the American Dream is alive and well for those who are willing to work hard to build a brighter future.

We must expand credit to help small businesses start and grow, and provide tax incentives and credits to those businesses who really are “job creators.” We must prioritize policies which encourage manufacturing, construction, and production of American goods by American workers for domestic and global markets.

We must retool our education system to prepare people of all ages for their first job, or their next job, without burying them in crippling debt that leaves them unable to engage in the American dream or the American economy.

We must direct our economic policies toward investment in education and research, innovation as a primary driver of job growth and infrastructure repair and improvements as fundamental to our economic growth both now and in the future.

No one should work 40-hours a week and live below the poverty line. Work should pay enough to care for a family. We need a $15-an-hour minimum wage, indexed to inflation so that no one falls behind again.

By making wise investments in our future, I believe that we can and will spur the economic growth we need and create the good jobs Americans deserve.