Fixing and expanding America’s tattered infrastructure will create jobs, boost the business climate and improve our daily lives.

Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, and investing in our infrastructure is a wise investment in our future. Unfortunately, it is also an investment that Congress has failed to make, and we are facing a national crisis in slow motion.

Repairing our infrastructure is the bare minimum investment we need to make, and while this would be a good first step, making the minimum investment will result in receiving the minimum return.

Investing in infrastructure is one of the most effective ways for the government to spur economic growth and create an environment that is beneficial to business and workers. According to Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics, every dollar invested in our infrastructure provides a boost to the economy of $1.44.

There are a wide array of investments we can make in expanding and upgrading our infrastructure, and our specific areas of focus should be:

  • Roads and bridges
  • High-speed internet
  • Dams
  • Electric Grid
  • Airports
  • Trains/Light rail
  • High-speed intercity rail

Making these strategic investments will provide immediate jobs and will support businesses in their transport of goods, workers, and information, and help citizens to more freely move about and lower home energy bills. This can also free workers to live where they want to live instead of having to move where the jobs are.

In addition to the profound positive economic effects of investing in our infrastructure, these investments will make us safer, as our roads and bridges receive the repairs and upgrades they need to make them once again safe to use.