Thank You!

I want to thank the voters of the 10th District for their consideration. And to all of my supporters, I am extremely grateful. We all fought so hard. Now was not our time, but this is not the end.

I got into this race because I want every person in every community in the 10th Congressional District to have a voice in Washington. I started this campaign to fight for our communities’ needs and our shared values: universal access to healthcare; educational equity and opportunity; real paths out of poverty and instability; jobs that pay a living wage; a clean and sustainable environment; and government that is responsive to the people. These are the principles on which I live, on which I ran my campaign, and the principles I will continue to fight for, and the values I want the Democratic Party to stand for come November. Our district needs a voice on Capitol Hill, and George Scott has the opportunity to be that voice. I will support him in the goal we are all fighting for: to unseat Rep. Scott Perry.

I will continue to fight for real change for our community and urge everyone to stick to their values and do the same. Thank you all for your support - now back to work!

I’m Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson. This community is where I was born and raised, and I know that we need strong leadership and a strong, independent voice to move our community forward. I will be that voice for you.

We face many serious issues, and more importantly, many opportunities that we cannot allow to slip by. As the former assistant and advisor to the Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Obama, I have the real public-policy experience needed to face our challenges and to embrace the opportunities that will make our community stronger.

I know that government can work for everyone, but that it frequently does not. I have the experience and insight to streamline the government services and departments that we all depend on, and will always fight for an efficient, effective Federal government. You have my word.

Leadership is about service. I invite you to join me in my campaign for Congress in PA-10 so that I can serve everyone in our community.

And, together we can move the 10th District forward!


Unless you are a first-time voter, you do not need to show ID to vote. VOTER INTIMIDATION IS AGAINST THE LAW! No one may harass you, demand proof of citizenship, block your ways to the polls or interfere with your vote. If you are harassed, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683).